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Traditional African attires

(<Sekai no MINZOKUISHO Zukan (世界の民族衣装図鑑)> Japanese Illusrators Drawing Many Different Kinds of Traditional Costumes.)

1. Gomesi : Ugandan Traditional Clothing &  Traditional Clothes of Maasai People in Tanzania

2.  Traditional Clothes of Afar People in Djibouti, Ethiopia and Eritrea & Traditional Clothes of Herero People in Namibia, Botswana and Angola

3. Royal Court Dress of Kuba Kingdom in Democratic Republic of the Congo & Mushanana : Rwandan Traditional Clothing

4. Milaya Lef : Egyptian Traditional Veil & Djellaba (جلابة) & Moroccan Traditional Clothing

5. Traditional Clothes of the Amazigh  (the indigenous people of North Africa) & Gandoura (قندورة)  &Traditional Clothes of Algeria and Morocco

6. Kente : Akan Traditional Clothing & Haik : Algerian Traditional Veil


(Source: beautiesofafrique, via japhers)